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Domain Validation

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Extended Validation

Extended Validation SSL Certificates Provided the Highest Level of Online Trust


Single Domain

The straightforward nature of the Single Domain SSL certificate is an ideal solution for any small, medium and large-sized businesses, that are managing a single website



    Wildcard SSL certificate is a low-cost certificate solution where the web store is occupied with sub-domains and wishes to encrypt all information transmitted over the main domain and its related sub-domains


      Multi Domain

      Multi Domain SSL certificate aka SAN SSL certificate ensures that all levels of domains and subdomains will be secured with this single certificate. No need to worry about managing multiple domains


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        DigiCert is a brand for those who understand the meaning of premium quality



        Sectigo SSL (formerly Comodo CA) is the second largest commercial trust provider in the World



        GlobalSign is the leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions enabling businesses, large enterprises


        It is a young brand of digital certificates, A subsidiary of Sectigo CA

        Domain SSL

        Domain validation certificate compatible with all mobile and web browsers. It allows protection of single domain name or sub-domain. The price includes protection of both with/without WWW. You can reissue it an unlimited number of times

        OV SSL

        Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificates are highly recommended for eCommerce or service-based portals that want to establish secure online interactions and show business reliability. OV SSL provides strong 256-bit encryption that helps in business identity authentication.

        EV SSL

        An EV SSL certificate is an ideal solution for the banking sector, insurance companies, eCommerce websites, government, and educational institutes where users’ data security and trust are on top priority

        Benefits of SSL/TSL Certificate

        Purchase SSL certificate that offers strong encryption, data integrity and authentication. Bring easy certificate management to your fingertips and robust encryption at a discounted price.

        Increase Customer Trust

        SSL certificate from OneSignSSL builds customer trust and loyalty. Customers, without any worry, can browse the website as their online information will remain protected on the website. It increases customers’ trust in your website.

        Say ‘No’ to Insecure Warning

        Google and browsers are also cautious about insecure websites and show a warning on your website without an SSL certificate. But with an SSL certificate, your visitors will never face a warning but get a smooth browsing experience.

        Protect Customer Data

        256-bit encryption brings strong security to your customers’ data. Moreover, 2048-bit key encryption makes the certificate stronger. Due to robust encryption, a third party cannot intercept the data passing between the server and the browser.

        SSL Site Seal

        All SSL certificates from OneSignSSL come with an SSL site seal. A security badge that assures customers of the website’s reliability. A site seal ensures that the certificate authority has verified the domain or business existence.

        SEO Rank Boost

        After Google’s announcement about HTTPS Everywhere, it is beneficial to have an SSL certificate for better search ranking. SSL certificate improves the visibility of your website. A higher-ranked website can increase the sales conversion ratio soon.

        Browser Ubiquity

        Our SSL certificates are compatible with major browsers, operating systems, and servers. Your customers will not find any SSL warnings/insecure warnings once you install the SSL certificate on the website. It will make customers’ browsing experience better.

        Improve Google Rankings

        Google has officially announced that sites with HTTPS will get better rankings. Google has increased security and now prioritises secure sites in search results. To increase the chances of getting to the top, Google recommends that you install SSL-Certificates for all your sites.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that authenticates and creates a secured bridge between the server and the client with strong encryption. However, TLS- a successor is used for better security, and at present, TLS v. 1.3 is now used in SSL certificates.
        TLS certificate aka SSL certificate is the same, and SSL protocol is also referred to as a TLS protocol, a successor version of SSL protocol. However, SSLv.3.0 was deprecated earlier due to specific vulnerabilities. TLS 1.3 is defined in RFC 8446. The main object of the TLS certificate is to provide authentication, data integrity, and strong encryption.
        SSL certificate is a secure channel through which the data flows from the server to the user’s browser and vice versa. SSL certificate works on public and private keys in which a public key is used to encode the data while the private key is for data decoding. The reason to have an SSL certificate is to save the data from prying eyes that can modify or steal the data.
        SSL certificates are divided into main three types, what varies is the vetting and authentication process required to get an SSL certificate. The certificate authority (CA) examines personal and organizational details before issuing a certificate. The issuance time of a certificate may vary based on the validation process.
        The selection of an SSL certificate depends upon the requirement of domains’ security. For example, a single domain website or blog requires a single-domain SSL, whereas multi-domains need a multi-domain SSL certificate. If the site has numerous subdomains pointing to the main domain, then a wildcard can do a good job.
        Ordering an SSL certificate is a few steps process that includes common steps. First, select the desired SSL certificate that matches your website’s requirements. Second, create a certificate signing request (CSR) on the server on which you want to install the SSL certificate. Third, Submit the CSR to the SSL provider and furnish the required details and complete the SSL configuration process. Fourth, you need to validate the domain and company with the certificate authority Fifth, the certificate sends an email certificate in provided email address Sixth, install the received SSL certificate on the server.
        The issuance time depends on the type of validation you choose like domain validation takes a few minutes in issuing a certificate. In contrast, organization validation takes up to 3 days, and an Extended validation certificate takes up to 5 days in issuance.
        Installation of an SSL certificate depends upon the server type. Each SSL certificate should be installed on the server to work efficiently. Server types you can consider, like cPanel, MS Exchange, Apache, OpenSSL, etc. Each has its guideline, and you need to follow it during installation. You can ask the SSL provider to give an insight into the stepwise installation process.
        The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) can be generated on the server, and there are different guidelines to be followed according to different servers like Apache, cPanel, OpenSSL, etc.
        In the browser’s address bar, a user needs to check the URL of a website either it starts with HTTP (insecure) or HTTPS (secured). Besides it, there should be a secured padlock at the beginning of a URL in the browser’s address bar. If there is an installed SSL certificate on the server, the URL will start with HTTPS. It shows that the site is secured and safe to pass the information to the website. The data will remain secure traveling between the server and the browser.