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HTTP is Becoming a Thing of the Past
Google Chrome to mark all HTTP pages "Not Secure" starting July 24th

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Cheap SSL Certificates

Buy SSL certificate at lowest price to establish secure environment on your site(s). Move your step ahead with HTTPS and never let down customer’s confidence.

Secure One Website

Secure a single website with strong 256-bit encryption to protect data and improve Google rankings. Buy our single domain SSL certificates at lowest prices.

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Secure Multiple Websites

Enable industry standard encryption across your all different websites using a single multi-domain (SAN) SSL certificate to reduce administrative hassle.

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Secure Unlimited Subdomains

Secure your primary website and its unlimited sub-domains including mail server by requesting a one wildcard SSL certificate with asterisk (*

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Add Trust to Boost Sales

EV SSL certificates bring highest level protection on a site, prove business reliability and enhance trust by displaying “Company Name” in the address bar.

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Secure Code of Software & Apps

Get digital signature to your software and application code with our code signing certificates to make it more legit. It will help you to increase downloads.

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OneSign are subCAs

OneSign are subCAs

As a Platinum partner of Sectigo, our OneSignSSL brand is a subCAs






Email & Document Signing

Code Signing

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Get The Perfect SSL Certificate For Your Website

Would you do business with somebody you don't trust? Buy an SSL Certificate and get the right protection in no time. It's worth it!

OneSignSSL OV Premium Wildcard

Perfect For Small Business

All First-level Subdomains Secure

OV Validation Type

3-5 day Issuance Time

Dynamic WebTrust Seal

Wildcard Support

SAN/UCC Support

up to 256-bit SSL Encryption

2048bits Key length

Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Unlimited Server Licenses

Unlimited Reissue Policy

EV Support

Green Address Bar

99.9% Browser Support

OS Support

Smartphone Support

$ Warranty By CA

15 days Refund Policy

from $450.00 /year

We Assure to Serve

Leading Brands

OneSign is subCAs, platinum partner of leading CAs & offering broad range of SSL certificate products.

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You are at right place to get cheapest SSLs; our prices are up to 79% low as compared to CAs.

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If you are not satisfied, our all SSL certificates are backed by 15-day 100% money back guarantee.

Types Of SSL Certificates

Choosing the best type of SSL for your website can be a minefield, especially if you’re not exactly sure what an SSL certificate does, let alone the differences between each type. If you’re not especially tech-savvy, this can add to the ordeal if you don’t know what any of the jargon means.

Domain Validated (DV)

Domain Validated (DV)

These encryption-only certificates are popular because of how fast and simple they are to get. All you have to do is prove you own the domain you wish to secure in order to get a DV certificate issued. This process usually takes just a few minutes to complete. You'll get industry standard encryption and trust indicators like HTTPS and the padlock icon. Internal testing domains, blogs, and basic template sites are good candidates for DV certificates, since they offer full encryption but just basic trust indicators.

Organization Validated (OV)

Organization Validated (OV)

OV certificates are the "better" in the "good, better, best" model for SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates validate that a domain belongs to a registered business before being issued, and this process typically takes between 1-3 days to complete. The added benefit of an OV certificate is a dynamic site seal, which when clicked on, displays validated company information to a visitor, along with HTTPS and the padlock icon. These certs also offer 128- to 256-bit encryption and are perfect for registered businesses who can't quite find room in their budgets for EV yet.

Extended Validation (EV)

Extended Validation (EV)

Extended Validation (EV) certificates are the most premium SSL solutions available. These are the only SSL certificates that can truly be viewed at as an investment, given their ROI potential. The main feature of EV certificates is the green address bar, the most universally trusted symbol across the web. Websites equipped with the green address bar – like Apple, PayPal, and Twitter – are instantly recognized as legitimate websites that can be trusted with personal information. The validation process typically takes a little more time with these certificates, around 1-5 business days, but if you have a registered business, we’ll help make sure you can get one!

Multi-Domain (MD)

Multi-Domain (MD)

These certificates do just as their name suggests – cover multiple domains with just a single solution. One Multi-Domain SSL certificate can cover up to 250 total domains, depending on the brand of certificate. Multi-Domain certificates are an extremely convenient option for businesses that own a lot of different TLD extensions and want to cover them all with up to 256-bit encryption without having to purchase and install separate SSLs for each one. Since these certificates are available in EV, OV, and DV options, you're sure to find a Multi-Domain certificate that suits your needs.

Wildcard (WC)

Wildcard (WC)

Wildcard SSL certificates cover one domain name and an unlimited amount of sub-domains. For example, a Wildcard SSL certificate can cover,,,, etc. These certificates are extremely popular, affordable, and convenient solutions – since most domains have subdomains. Also, they are available in both DV and OV types, with no EV Wildcard SSL certificate currently available. Wildcard SSL certificates offer up to 256-bit encryption on all of the domains and subdomains that they cover.

Multi-domain Wildcard Certificates

Multi-domain Wildcard Certificates

There's nothing a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate can't secure. For any company or organization with a complicated public-facing web infrastructure, a Multi-Domain Wildcard is the perfect security solution. Depending on CA, you can secure up to 25, 100 or 250 different domains or IPs and all accompanying sub-domains. Nothing saves you more time, money and effort than securing your entire web presence with a single SSL certificate.

Code Signing (CS)

Code Signing (CS)

Code Signing certificates aren't traditional SSL/TLS certificates, but they play an important and expanding role in online security and integrity. These are certificate-based digital signature algorithms that verify a piece of code hasn't been tampered with since it was signed by the author. We like to think of it as a " digital shrink wrap" that validates code is being authentic and in its original form. It is the web's tamper-proof system for software downloading. Code signing certificates are used and recognized by all major operating systems like Apple OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Email & Document Signing

Email & Document Signing

These increasingly popular certificates can validate the identity of both the email sender and the recipient. Email signing certificates are especially important within organizations, to ensure that the proper secure communication practices are being followed. We have email signing solutions available from Comodo, one of the most reputable online security companies in the world.

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SSL Reseller & Partner Program

OneSignSSL has brought an innovative and profitable reseller program for IT businesses and entrepreneurs who are eager to start own SSL business or expand current products range by adding SSL certificates. Take the advantages of full featured API and cPanel along with free web store that allows selling SSL with your own brand by set up own profit margin. Do a peaceful business with us without worrying about deadlines and unimaginable targets.

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